Company Profile

Approved by the State Council, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd. (“China Postal Express & Logistics”) was co-founded by China Post Group and provincial postal companies as a state-owned limited company in June 2010. The company is the largest integrated express and logistics service provider with the longest history of business operation, the widest coverage and the richest products in China.

China Postal Express & Logistics consists of 31 fully-owned provincial subsidiaries, and possesses China Postal Airlines, China Post Logistics, etc. With a registered capital of RMB 8 billion and a total asset of RMB 21 billion, the company recruits nearly 100,000 employees, and operates 45,000 business outlets. Its network covers all the cities, counties and towns in 31 provinces and reaches over 200 countries and regions.

China Postal Express & Logistics is mainly engaged in domestic express, international express, contract logistics, and LTL. Domestic and international express provides premium, standard and economy shipping products in terms of delivery time, and also operates some value-added service such as COD. Contract logistics covers the overall process of supply chain, including warehousing, and transport. The company possesses world-acclaimed brand “EMS”, and leading domestic logistics brand “CNPL”.

Adhering to the service philosophy of “Treasure Every Moment, Serve with Heart at Every Step”, the company is dedicated to offering customers with convenient, fast, secure and reliable door-to-door express and logistics services, and becoming a domestically leading and globally competitive Express & Logistics company with the strongest integrated service capacity.

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